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Trust and transitive trust

will be decided later

Keywords: trust, ontology, profile, ..

  • Masterthesis at UNIK


  • planned delivery June 2012
  • to be done: update of page


Trust is important in many areas, e.g. in social contexts and through distributed networks. Transitive trust is... The focus for this thesis is not decided yet, but it will be about trust and/or transitive trust, either measuring or using it.


yet to come

Task Details


Thesis Disposition

see: WriteMasterThesis and adopt the topic


Contacts: (please update your info at People)
Joakim Hovlandsvåg, , m: +47 41 66 31 74
Josef Noll, , p: 6484 4745, m: 9083 8066
Zahid Iqbal, , p: 6484 4754, m: 9343 8622

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