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  • where is SunSPOT?
  • check with "content on main page", difference between what we described as "content for the thesis" and your summary here

I miss these bullets in your TOC, would rather shorten on the "state of the art" and focus more on:

  • Establish a context-aware trust identification
    • Establish trust identifier/factor/measure based on trust modelling
    • Analyse on how context information (here: location) can serve as input parameter for the trust model
    • Model the trust identifier built on context information e.g. location (modelling the build trust level based on the accuracy of the sensor, micro-location or macro-location – GPS/WLAN/Base location or other).
    • Enhancing the trust model through combination of context information with the information from the SIM/Identity Providers.
 1 - Introduction
 1.1 problem definition 
 1.2 motivation
 1.3 report organization

 2- Methodology and Scenario
 2.1 approach towards problem solution
 2.2 work arrangement and thesis plan
 2.3 xxx scenario

 3 Analysis of Smart and SIM cards
 3.1 Applications for current Java Cards
	3.1.1 History & Concepts
	3.1.3 Java Card
	3.1.6 Applications
 3.2 Security in Smart cards
	3.2.1 keys
	3.2.2 Global Platform
	3.2.3 Tamper Proofness
3.3 Sim Cards concepts
  3.4 Sim Card Interfaces
	4.3.1 Microbrowsing/OTA
	4.3.2 JSR-177
	4.3.3 Cell Broadcast
	4.3.4 BIP
 4.4 Trends and Emerging Features on the SIM
	4.4.1 Physical Enhancements High Density SIM and USB NFC
	4.4.2 Application level Communication SCWS IP SIM
	4.4.3 Javacard 3.0
	4.4.4 Sensors and M2M SIM
  3.6 selection of SIM funtionality  (what are you using)

 4 - Identities and Trust modelling
	4.1 Concept
	4.2 National E-IDs and industrial standards
	4.3 Smart Cards and Identity handling
 4.4 Trust modelling for xxx scenario
	6.2 Policy Based Trust
	6.3 Reputation Based Trust
	6.4 Trust Modeling
	6.5 Trust Measure
 4.5. trust model for Online Social Networks: a mix of trust and identity

 7- Future Sim Enhancing the trust in social networking
	7.1 How the Future SIM can address the problem
	7.2 Application Developped
		7.2.1 Simplifications
		7.2.2 Design
        7.3 Prototypical Implementation 
        7.4 Evaluation 

 8 - Conclusions and Future Work
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