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Mobile Networking

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Planned Journal contributions

10.2. generate overview over topic areas, 1.3. idenity Journal and title, 15.6. submit paper

  • ACM -
    • Semantics
    • Mobile Networks and applications
    • information and system security
  • IEEE Ant. Prop. - RadioPredictionModelling
  • Wireless Personal Communications
  • Selected Areas in Communications
  • IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine: it is intended to cover legal and ethical issues, privacy concerns, tools to help secure information , analysis of vulnerabilities and attacks, trends and new developments, pedagogical and curricular issues in educating the next generation of security professionals, secure operating systems and applications, security issues in wireless networks, design and test strategies for secure and survivable systems, and cryptology.
  • Identity Journal,
  • Wiley Book Series on Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing (Yi Pan, Sherman Shen)
  • not relevant - UBICC Journal 2007 Vol.2,ISSN 1992-8424, 1. March 2006

Planned Conference participation

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