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Policies, Access authorization, Distributed Policies, Policy Statement, Representation of Policy (e.g. Rule-based Policies), Decentralized Policy Management, Inference, Decentralized Computing
XACML - supports decentralization policy management
Layered Policy (Upper layer I Lower layer); Collaboration policy: Upper layer policy; Access control policies: Lower layer policy

Policy may govern and regulate behavior and actions of systems and processes. The most relevant example can be access control policies where policy determines who can access over which object through what privileges. In a highly dynamic and heterogeneous environment, policies may come from users, devices, systems, applications/services, and communities. Policies specified by various parties and stored in decentralized environment. Autonomous and self-adaptibility require collaboration between decentralized policies. To enforce the decentralized policies, the following aspects need proper attention:

  • mechanism for locating decentralized policies
  • compatibility of the policies
  • authenticating the policies
  • retrieving the policies
  • executing the policies
  • flexibility of management
  • scalability

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