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Proposed Title 4: Privacy Enhancement through Role-based Identity Management Telektronikk Issue 4, 2007

Proposed Title 1: Mobile Phone Supported Ubiquitous Identity Platform

Proposed Title 2: A Framework for Privacy in Social Communities IJWBC Special Issue: Dynamic Virtual Communities in Information Society: Technologies, Methodologies, and Tools; Deadline: Feb. 29, 2008

Proposed Title 3?: IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine

Proposed Title 5: SIWN - SISN Journal

Proposed Title 6: proposed Draft submitted to CSTST 08, Accepted

Title 7: Distributed Identity for Secure Service Interaction Invited for IARIA Journal.

Proposed Title 8: yyy : Bringing Semantic Technologies to Device Communities. Accepted for Journal (extended version CSTST 08, France)

Proposed Title 9: A Semantic Viewpoint of Social Aspect of Identity, iiWAS 2009, Malaysia.

Proposed Title 10: "Sociality brings Security in Content Sharing", Extended version of ICCIT 2009 for AP Journal; final manuscript submitted to APJC on 22. April 2010.

Proposed Title 11?: "Collaborative Radio: A Business Case for ??", planned for submission ICWMC 2010

Proposed Title12: On the Impact of Mobile Data Traffic in Mobile Networks ICCIT2010

Proposed Title13: A Cloud Based Internet of Things Framework ICCIT2010

Proposed Title14: Wireless VITAE 2011

Proposed Title15: tentative >> Is the network ready for networked-society?

Proposed Title16: for WPC special Issue

Proposed Title17: for ICCIT 2011 Bangladesh

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