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Contact Francoise Petersen

From: Françoise Petersen []

  Hi Josef,
  You can find the the latest draft, version 10 (the version that was
  discussed at the workshop), see

  We would be glad for contributions to any of the chapters in the document and also, 
  if you would like to suggest new chapters. And of course, comments to the draft 
  (preferable with change marks in the draft) are welcome, as soon as possible, 
  preferably before the end of May.
  Your research area is very interesting and imporant. You might also be interested 
  in reading about UCI, Universal Communications Identifier, but maybe you have already done so?
  Best Regards,

George Bilchev and Alf are working in that group, but focus is "on the profile". Chapter 14 - authentication - is interesting for me

very good references on personalisation, UCI, wireless village, open mobile alliance, etc.

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