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ICETE 2006 7-10 August 2006 Setubal, Portugal

organized by INSTICC technically co-sponsored by IEEE

ICETE 2006 is a major international joint conference in the area of Telecommunications, composed of four specialized conferences:

- ICE-B - Int'l Conference on e-business
  Program Chair: 
  Tom Greene (MIT/USA)

- SECRYPT - Int'l Conference on Security and Cryptography
  Program chairs: 
  Manu Malek (Stevens Institute of Technology, USA)
  Eduardo Fernandez-Medina (UCLM, Spain)
  Javier Hernando (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain)

- WINSYS - Int'l Conf on Wireless Information Systems
  Program chairs: 
  Luminita Vasiu (Westminster University, Reading, UK)
  Rafael Caldeirinha (ESTG I.P.Leiria)
  Doug Clarke (IBM) 

- SIGMAP (Int'l Conf on Signal Processing and Multimedia Applications
  Program chairs: 
  Pedro Assuncao (ESTG I.P.Leiria, Portugal) 
  Sergio Faria (ESTG I.P.Leiria, Portugal)

PROCEEDINGS All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings under an ISBN (Book and CD-ROM).

BOOK and JOURNALS The best papers of the conference will be published by Springer in a special book of selected papers. The conference is making agreements with international journals in the area to have extended versions of some papers published in journal.

KEYNOTE LECTURES: - Thomas Greene, MIT, USA (ICE-B 2006) - Manu Malek, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA (SECRYPT 2006) - Les Barclay, Barclay Associates Ltd, U.K (WINSYS 2006) - Fernando Pereira, Instituto Superior Tecnico - Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Portugal (SIGMAP 2006)


   Full Paper submission deadline: April 3, 2006
   Author Notification: May 24, 2006
   Final Paper Submission and Registration: June 8, 2006

INSTICC Address: Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication Office: Av. D.Manuel I, 27-A 2910-595 Setubal - Portugal

 	Tel.: +351 265 520 184/5

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