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Mobile Networking

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UniK, Kjeller


Target (Popular magazine, newspaper, Conference, Journal, Online Issues on ICT4D & related issues)

  • International Journal of Information Communication Technologies and Human Development (IJICTHD), IGI-Global. (who pays!!)
  • IEEE Technology and Society Magazine (not sure)
  • Newspaper (start from simple!!)

Prospective title:

  • Mobile Financial Services - the Perspectives of the Developing Economies
    • Or scale down to Third world countries (e.g. Bangladesh) ??
  • Mobile Internet and its Impact on Socio Economic Development
  • Keywords: Energy Crisis, Climate Change, Fueling the Mobile Network - Developing economies perspectives

Together with S. M. Mamun Ar Rashid, Business Modeling Expert at Telenor AS, Oslo.

Work with him to bring papers.

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