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UniK, Kjeller

Welcome to my (Mohammad Mushfiqur Rahman Chowdhury) working area

After completing my PhD in 2009, I worked as Postdoc at UNIK til August 2011 and then I moved to ABB Corporate Research in Norway as Scientist.

Mushfiqs Calendar

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Research areas Open for Master/Bachelor Thesis Supervision in the following or relevant areas
Collaborative radio - a business model Or Heterogeneous Roaming completed thesis: Ayaz Khan Afridi (April 2011) & Bilal Ahmed (May 2011), KTH, Sweden
ICTR4D prospective area

Future Research (proposal) plan
NORAD, Innovation Norway

PhD Thesis Defended Sep. 2009, Dept. of Informatics, University of Oslo.

Citation to others

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Works During PhD -------- >>>>>

ResearchPlan: Identity based Seamless Service Interaction in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks.

Courses completed

    Spring 2007
     Autumn 2006
     Autumn 2006
     Stewart Clark's link (very interesting)
     March 21 and 22, 2007. 

Related work

Figure 1. Device-, Service-, Network-level identification.

Figure 2. Identity and service world.
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