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Ongoing Activities

Status meeting

  • Next meeting: Tuesday, 26.06.2007
    • Agenda:
      • Summer student recruitment
      • Scope in Semantic Web Technologies (josef wants to tell me some stories --> told me over skype on 16.02
  • Tuesday, 6.02.2007 9:30 - 10:30 Meeting Outcome
  • NFR abstract deadlineAs PhD from SWACOM supported by NFR, you are required to present an abstract of your work at the conference.

The deadline is 24/8 and the abstract should be sent to Mail from Chunming on 5/02

UniK related

  • WWRF membership application to Ivar for UNIK, 07.09.06, Application granted, 07.09.06
  • prepare a presentation about yourself (3 slides) and Grameenphone (5 slides) and challenges for Telenor in the asia/pacific market (5 slides) as seen from your perspective
  • WAPAuthentication - seamless authentication through WAP gateway

UiO related stuff

  • I got username and password from UIO, 15.09.06.
  • Uio accepted my graduate and undergraduate degree, 29.08.06
  • PhD application at UIO, sent on Monday, 7.08.06
  • PhD edutation at UiO
    • RulesForForeignPhD, get your Master of Science approved (Josef has talked to Ifi, no problem with HUT)
    • PhD application forms UiO, select: Application form and contract for admission to the organized doctoral education , _ask Gyuri for his form_
  • PhD IdentityResearchPlan (see also Gyuri's ResearchPlan)
  • identify potential courses, total of 30 points (typically 3 courses)


  • Ask gyuri to apply for credit card in skandiabanken (+how to send money abroad by Skandiabanken)?
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