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ICPS'06 : IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Services 2006
Item: Context aware computing and networking
Josef: 4 pages, IEEE style, suggest to create inputs as chapter files
The conference proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society Press and distributed at the conference. Selected papers of best quality will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Systems and Software (JSS) in late 2006.

Attach:ICPS-paper.docΔ (paper submitted), Attach:FiguresICPS.pptΔ

ICPS2006_SHORT Submission Summary

Paper ID: 137 Title: Roaming of Advanced Telecom Services through Semantic Annotations Uploaded File Size: 259957 bytes Authors: Josef Noll, Dumitru Roman, Marcin Pilarski

Abstract: This paper addresses the seamless service access with specific focus on roaming of advanced telecom services. Telecom networks provide voice and data connectivity in other countries, but advanced service roaming as e.g. location is not yet in place. The contribution of this paper consists in analyzing the current status of location roaming as an example of advanced telecom services. It highlights the complexity of location services, indicates both technical and sociological challenges for this type of service, and proposes WSMO based semantic annotations as a possible way of overcoming existing limitations. Finally, we show how our proposal is applied to a real use case – seamless access to the Orange and Telenor location services.

Paper Timestamp:3/31/2006 12:19:02 PM

Roaming of advanced Telecom Services through Semantic Annotations

Josef Noll, Titi Roman, Marcin Pilarski
Skype: josef.noll, titiroman, marcinpilarski

1. Introdution

  • pervasive services:
    • Awareness: Identification, Positioning, Location, Tracking, Tagging, Authentication
    • Devices: Smart Things, Smart Tags, Smart Assistands, Smart Rooms, Wearables
    • Action: Titi to update (2 paragraph) make the links mobile services (references)


  • Technologies to make your services available (access to your services
  • the mobile device as a personal identifier (WWRF - SIG2 paper)
  • Seamless service access "makes your services available indnpendent of where you are"
  • Service roaming in telecom, specific focus on roaming challenges
  • Customer focus: Seamless (always online) - switch phone on and be online
  • status: GSM okay - bilateral agreement, GPRS - clearing house, advanced telecom service (location, presence) - no roaming

2. Problem introduction

  • advanced telecom service (location, presence) - no roaming
  • tackled today - not at all. Why not: to complex, too heterogeneous, not standardised, too inflexible (Josef)
  • Solution: Semantic Annotation of advanced Telecom Services
  • Selection of "location services", to be extended to presence services
  • answering the "theme of the conference"

3. Service description "location service"

3.1 Mobile Location information

  • Current status of advanced services Josef to send PATS link to
  • Overview over infrastructure (picture)
  • Location: GSM, UMTS, different ways to get location
    • Josef to provide examples cellinfo, eToA
  • Extension to new location information: WLAN location, RFID

3.2 Challenges

  • privacy (consensus, )
  • roaming access
  • variable interface (.wsdl), heterogenous presentation

4. Semantic Annotations

4.1. Role of Semantics Titi

  • advantages of a semantic regocnition

4.2. Case: Orange and Telenor location services

4.3. WSMO representation of location information

  • Marcin to describe process, from WSDL to WSMO

5. Roaming of advanced Telecom services

5.1. GSM and GPRS roaming

  • GSM bilateral agreement
  • GRX used for GPRS, common "clearinghouse", operators sign on with their GPRS service
  • Advanced service roaming: different descriptions, different presentations

5.2. Advanced Service Roaming

  • Assumme business SLA is in place
  • same annotation of services, e.g. WSMO --> show as a picture
  • different ontologies, Ontology mediation --> alternative picture
  • Status: current implementation in ASG, service roaming not established amongst operators.

6. Conclusions

7. References

  1. J. Noll, E. Lillevold, Roadmap to ASG based Semantic Web ServicesΔ, The International Conference on Internet&Web Applications and Services 2006" ICIW 23-25.Feb 2006 (paperΔ, presentationΔ)
  2. J. Noll, J.C. Lopez Calvet, "SIM-card enabled Seamless Access in Mobile and Broadband Access NetworksΔ", WWRF #15, Paris, 8.-9.12.2005
  3. J. Noll, E. Lillevold, "Applying Semantic Web Technologies for mobile communicationsΔ", WWRF #15, Paris, 8.-9.12.2005
  4. J. Noll, E. Lillevold, Roadmap to Semantic Telematics Web ServicesΔ, Semantics 2005, 23.-25.12.2005, Vienna
  5. test
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