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UniK, Kjeller


Møte Friday 3.2.2006, 1000-1430 hos Telenor R&D (Trd)

Deltager: Sune Jakobsson, Marianne Rustad, Erik Lillevold, Josef Noll, Steinar Brede, optional: Frode Kileng


  1000 Welcome
  1020 Status in Semantic Web Services (Josef)
  1050 Coffee
  1100 Status ASG
  1120 Lunch
  1200 Services i PATS lab (Sune, Steinar)
  1300 Discussion
   Access to lab services (WSDL register, UDDI)
   Semantic enhancements 
  1400 Summary and action items
  1430 end-of-meeting

Status UniK

  • Gateway up and running
  • RoR set-up

Test service (SMS):

  • sms from 91800651 to 2034 "mkey 90838066 22.2.2006 1000-1200 all day"
  • Service is send from Telenor Mobile gateway via CPA (MQ infrastruture) to PATS lab.
  • Pats has PXA server, which has a list of queues, here: mkey with the applciation text
  • Message can be read from PXA server (public IP address), analysed and then a return message can be generated
  • Details in Master/SMSPatsSetUp

alternative discussions

  • message from Pats to UniK (sender receiver message: 91800651 90838066 22.2.2006 1000-1200 all day), is in PXA server
    • support for WEB services, -> has to be established if necessary
    • support for http request:
  • UniK replies
    • invoke: Web Service at PATS lab
      Sending out SMS (see: Master/SMSPatsSetUp)
      Sending the JAVA midlet

Test service (Location)

  • Part of ParlayX. Services described in = DevZone = Interfaces
    • User Location - how to invoke, Web Service, parameters, (WLAN)
    • User Status: offline, online, status
    • User Presence: - can that one be extended by e.g. "sitting in a car"


  • Get WSDL for location (Sune, Arild Herstad - need address)
  • (Erik) Establish UDDI register
    • Pats location server
  • Marianne: "the way ahead" - packing location WSDL into WSMO or/and OWL
    • Erik has used JBuilder;
    • Axis is library from Apache for Web service creation in Java
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