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Access control, access authorization, personalization, user-centric, rule, knowledge, reasoning, authorization decisions
Application: Access to contents in Virtual Communities
  • So far access control features (for instance constraint specification) are solely defined by the applications or service providers. For example, it is not possible to define best friends, distant friends, colleagues, family, attributes such as trust levels, age etc. over the relationships.
  • To share the private contents more with close relations and protecting the sensitive information of already available contents on the Web, user needs enhanced control of access to his contents which can be realized through a personalized access control scheme/model. Thus the access control can be more user centric.
  • A policy based access control containing personalized constraints is proposed which is highly granular and flexible.
  • There are some penalty (the degree!! need analysis): increased personalization vs complexity, computational cost; usability issues, the degree of granularity etc.

detail description coming

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Page last modified on March 26, 2010, at 02:59 PM EST