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How can Preferences and Profiles be represented?

  • What is a profile?
    • Answers in ETSI 202 325 "User Profile Management" (telecom view)
  • Internet/Research view on profiles/preferences?
    • 4-6 relevant paper?
    • what are the key journals (2-3)?
  • How are they represented?
    • Semantics (foaf)
    • others? (HF User Profile Management: rules relating xml entries. Others?)
  • Profiles and Social ID (Personal ID)
    • Relation between Profiles/Preferences and ID is missing
    • profiles are predefined means on how to use devices (do we need them?)
    • Alternative: "on the fly creation" (dynamic) instead of "predefined"

Discussion on definitions and our opinion


  • ETSI: profile is information/preferences/characteristic of user/devices to have the behaviour of devices or services personalized to their requirements.
  • Mushfiq: personalize use of device and services, (+ access to device/service: Identity --->missing in profile, or should be in profile??)
  • roles are situations in life, whereas profiles are means on how to use things in the environment
  • profile might be a role, including identities


  • ETSI: prefence is part of user profile, on how to use the device or service
  • Mushfiq:
  • Josef: Preferences are "things I like" due to my social or corporate identity. Example: travel by train rather air.


  • roles are situations in life,
  • Roles take a subset of identities to access/interact with the environment



  • Identity is composed of different spheres, covering personal, social and corporate aspects
  • Every person is part of a social network, which influences him in the way "you think, you like, you prefer". The social network is also related to the history of a person. (SID)
    • Why do I prefer trains: Fascination, environmental aspect (history as environmental activist), comfort of transportation (sleep, read,...)
  • Corporate identity is professor stip. for mobile systems at UniK (that is a part of a CID).
  • Interrelation between SID and CID (friends from work can be a friend at home).


  • "Who are the people like traveling with trains in Telenor?"
  • I have a Nokia E61 phone - through the phone I can be identified as being interested in ...
  • Identifier in a digital world needs authentication.
    • Authentication is a process, and the result is the "identity" (I authorized by username/password, which means that in Amazon I have the history of liking that kind of books).


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