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UniK, Kjeller

Student Research Work

This side contains "jobs to be done". Take contact with the respective people to understand more of what is behind.

A) Semantic Media Wiki (Mushfiq, Josef)

highest priority

Transfer PmWiki to Semantic Media Wiki

  • current Wiki is based on PmWiki
  • files are stored in plain text
  • goal: convert these files into (Semantic) Media Wiki format
    • import of ascii files and save as MediaWiki files
    • direct conversion routine of the PmWiki file structure towards a MediaWiki file structure
    • disregard the changelog and history of files
    • keep links to documents and other pages in place

Authentication for Wiki Servers

  • replace ACL(?) authentication with Social Graph


  • new user can register just by email (password is provided)
    • forgotten password, request email
  • admin has overview of new users,
    • can assign groups and roles
    • check group membership
    • creates automatically a user home page

B) Implement foaf relations (Mushfiq, Gyuri, Josef)

2nd highest priority

  • establish foaf files for UniK people: Gyuri, Mushfiq, Josef, Elin
  • interlink the files
  • present relations graphically
  • THINK of way to put protection on relations
    • example: "the members of this group are only seen for members",
    • others will not even see those groups,
    • graphical representation (in colour)
    • search engine? (QueryNL?)

C) Implement .php or semantic (rdf) network database for addresses (Gyorgy, Josef)

2nd highest priority

  • existing files from Josef to provide
  • establish "seamless access" through WAP authentication
    • use any kind of database (SQL, RDF) for authentication
    • details on "wap gateway" functionality at: Erzsébet Somogyi, "Mobile Access to Structured Home Content", Master Thesis, UniK, Kjeller, Norway, Jan 2006 from HomeNetworking

D) Establish Java application for database access

low priority

  • programme for accessing the address database from a mobile phone
    • Phyton for Series 60 phones

E) Establish device community between wireless devices (Gyorgy, Josef)

  • Get familiar with UAprof, CC/PP and other protocolls describing the functionality of devices
  • Understand the semantics used in the description
  • Establish scenarios and implement "device dependent services"
    • Example: Streaming of home content from Set-top box to mobile device

F) (Josef)

medium priority

  • Search function in abitmodern skin used in (pmwiki)
    • details in, wiki/public_html/local/Unik.php (?)
    • update .css file for correct left view

G) Home DRM key distribution (Gyuri)

  • Establish a system for distribution of binary keys to a mobile phone (partly done)
  • Establish exchange mechanisms to HomeMedia Center
  • Establish protection mechanisms for digital content

H) Semantics in AAA systems

  • Research AAA authentication mechanisms and relate them to semantic profiles
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