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UniK, Kjeller


PhD Research

  • Comparison: SemID, ontology based corporate access management Vs currently available database driven solutions
  • To do list from Josef
    • IEEE security & privacy submissions
    • Nordic security submission
    • I-semantics checj comments of the reviewers

To do list from Chunming

  • Verdict program: deadline 24 August

To do list from meeting minutes with Josef 08.01.2007

  • SXIP,CARDSPACE,Liberty: working principle,areas covered,strength,drawbacks (where more can be done)--->documentation
  • Strenght drawback analysis of our approach compare to other known approaches like SXIP, Liberty, CARDSPACE etc.
  • Review identity contributions from Scientific communities, such as Semantic, Security, Privacy (see Journals on security and privacy) --->documentation
  • Detail study on Profiles and Preferences (that can be combined with our Identity Framework) ----> documentation
  • Identities for Social interactions: Social Communities/Groups???? ---->documentations

Implementation procedures, frameworks and ways

  • Database (Identities, Access rights...), mapping
  • Documents or contents (services) access rights (invite...) based on social grouping
  • Semantic: rdf...


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