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UniK, Kjeller

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The EU Artemis pSHIELD project develops pilot technologies for security, privacy and dependability in embedded systems. This demo addresses the monitoring of freight trains through wireless sensor networks. Also available on

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The iPhone 4 antenna problem. Why is the bumper or case working? Learn about antenna theory.

Masterthesis Jostein Malde, "Future interactive TV", personalised content delivery and community TV.
Contribution to the ITEA WellCom project. Also available on

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Some shots from the PhD defence of Mohammed Mushfiqur Rahman Chowdhury

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The use of Semantic Technologies in Mobile Systems: Towards context-aware and personalised services.

Lessons learned from video creation

Room and equipment

  • we need a better video room, 301 is not suited (white walls)
  • done - canon we also need a 16:9 camera with min 640 x 350 resolution
  • camera with external microphone?

Attach:VideoSetupAll.jpg Δ


  • tripod for the camera,
  • best with: 2 cameras, 1 for content, 1 for overall picure
  • text on Laptop "underneath the camera"
  • sitting makes presentations more relaxed
  • extra light: see the picture which makes presenter more visible (250 W lamp)


  • "Wellcome" - look into camera (always, never look at the others)
  • subdivide into scenes, with clear "start & stop"
  • if showing something, give it time to let the video stabilize

Converting from Canon .mts format

  • using: MPEG Streamclip (on Windows)
  • using Pavtube MTS converter, MTS to MKV for Mac OSX (Oct2011)
  • 16.5.2011 - import of MTS does not work any longer (Josef)
  • Attach Camera to MAC and import from iMovie (camera import)
  • Use iMovie v09, and upload directly to YouTube (or export Quick Time).
    • Highest Resolution 1280x720, AAC 48000 bits/s audio
    • 7 min generate 350 MByte
  • publish directly to YouTube

alternative 1:

  • install Canon software - no experience in using it

alternative 2:

  • Free Video converter for PC
  • MPEG4 conversion with 720x406 pixel, aspect 16:9, 25 fps at 1152 kbit/s (not readable for MAC)

Converting and upload

Attach:ExampleSettingSD.png Δ Attach:ExampleSettingsHD.png Δ

Adding images

  • I had the "Initial Photo Placement" set to "Fit in Frame" which totally borked the transparent PNG. If I changed it to "Ken Burns" and then after imported I set it to "Fit in Frame" or "Crop" it would also bork the PNG and display it as a solid black box.

iMovie creation (on MAC)

  • Create Movie with iMovie
    • open issues: Logo in video stream,
    • tips: import captions, then adjust the length of the caption

Our example

  • full page logos for usage in iMovie in Graffle
  • logo with transparent background created in keynote with "alpha"
  • copy into OmniGraffle (into the invisible frame)
  • Export 100% png with transparent
  • slightly different way: Good intro on how to add images and logos to iMovie

Export to Quick Time Movie - HD quality

  • MPEG-4, Best Quality
  • Size 1280-720 HD - preserve aspect ratio
  • 7 min gives 280 MByte, 35 min to create

Export to Quick Time Movie - SD quality

  • MPEG-4, Best quality
  • Size 786 x 580 SD, automatic stream
  • needs about 14 min to create, 486 MByte (??)

Errors/Unsufficient results

  • why does variable bit-rate cause such a dramatic size effect (doubling despite lower resolution)?
  • export to quick time looses auto-sync

Further comments, please provide them here


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