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UniK, Kjeller

notes from WWRF meetings

WWRF #17 Heidelberg


Frank Fitzek, Aalborg

  • 4G = f(place, group, terminal)
  • substream from local streams
  • using Bluetooth gives 50 % energy saving

Optical wireless - VLC

  • O'Brien, Oxford University, Oliver Bouchet, France Telecom, n.n. Samsung
  • Bandwidth: 200 THz carrier frequency
    • compete with UWB, but cheaper
    • compete with 60 GHz wireless,
  • Information from traffic light to front lights of cars, head and tail lights
  • Challenges
    • sensitity
    • modulation of colour

Very High data rate home area networks

  • Bin Xia, Huawei Technology, chair WG4
  • 802.21 (IST Ambient, IST Magnet) wireless
  • works together with wired connectivity (hybrid convergence layer)

WWRF scenarios

  • Lene S°rensen
  • WP1: Vision (vision doc) -> Scenarios -> "what can be done"

Social Engineering

  • Seppor
  • Phychological triggers: Authority, Scarity, liking and similarity, reciprocation, commitement

and consistency, social proof, diffusion of responsibility, overloading

Context-aware mobile infrastructure

  • Maarten Wegdam, Lucent & Univ. of Twente
  • AWARENESS project
  • Epilectic monitoring on Qtek
    • too complex for current smartphones
    • need information about connectivity
  • Good considerations about health ideas

Semantic Modelling of policies

  • Sandford Bessler,, Telecom Austria
  • MAGNET project
  • Policies defined through semantics
  • N3 Language [TB Lee, 2000] uses to RDF triples

Service roaming

  • Josip Zoric, Telenor, Trondheim
  • Spice project


  • perfect presentation
  • good combination of words and pictures
  • clear content


  • UniK is _not_ part of University of Oslo
  • sometimes unclear focus
  • wrong focus? certificates in the networks, only high level security in SIM card.


  • good background - trusted computing group, OMA

Security Awareness Session

  • Manuel Mattess, Fraunhofer for Mobile Security

WWRF #15 in Paris

Submitted paper

Other Info

Working groups

  • WG1 Human Perspective and Service Concepts
  • WG2PaperJosefErik WG2 Service Architecture
  • WG3 Co-operative and Ad-Hoc Networks
  • WG4 New Air Interfaces, Relay based Systems and Smart Antennas
  • WG5 Short Range Wireless Communication Systems
  • WG6 Reconfigurability
  • SIG1 Spectrum Topics
  • SIG2PaperJosefJC Sig2 Security and Trust
  • SIG3 Self-organisation in Wireless World Systems
  • SIG4 Convergence of Digital Industries
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